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Russell Brand shows us that drugs can do you good

by | 25th, April 2012

WHO beter than Russell Brand to address the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee at Portcullis House, Westminster, on drugs policy? Well, no-one. He’s as good as anyone. He’s as good as the myriad voices who have sat in meetings, doctors surgeries and the dock to talk about drugs.

The difference is that Brand is a celeb. Drugs have given him anecdotes for his books and stage shows. They appear to have down him no harm. They may even have added to his popularity and allure. He’s fronting a documentary of the nature of addiction.

Keith Vaz, the committee’s chairman, says:

“Hearing from those personally affected by drugs use is essential to our inquiry. I welcome Russell Brand’s openness about his addiction and recovery. I hope that his experiences will help us understand the nature of addiction and the impact that it has on addicts and those around them.”

Only, some drug addicts just get on with it. I know of one top economist in the City who takes smack and other drugs because he enjoys them. He continues to do his job brilliantly. Is he an addict? Yes.

One thing is certain: the government’s drugs policy is a failure. It’s all based on control – the very stuff the rugs taker may be trying to escape…


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Comedian Russell Brand answers questions on drugs policy as he gives evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee at the House of Commons, London.

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