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Flashback to April 27 – Photos from this day in history

by | 27th, April 2012

APRIL 27 – On this day in history…

This map drawing of the area in which the United States’ spring H-bomb tests will take place in the Pacific Ocean, shown April 27, 1956. The distance of the islands of Eniwetok and Bikini from Japan, Guam, New Guinea and Hawaii is noted. The islands are in a vast danger zone which has been established. It covers more than 420,000 square miles. Precautions have been taken to avoid any repetition of incidents like the one during the last hydrogen bomb test. A Japanese fishing boat unwittingly came within range of the fallout. Illness and death among the crew, which the Japanese attributed to the effects of the fallout, brought strong reaction. Protests over the new tests have been made both in the United States and aboard. (AP Photo/Ed Gunder)

Marilyn Monroe poses in a scene from the movie “Something’s Got to Give.” on April 27, 1962. The movie was never completed and Monroe was fired from the set in July 1962. (AP Photo)

College students Susie Bohn, left, Anne McKee and an unidentified friend model mail order disposable paper dresses manufactured by Scott Paper Co., on their visit to Bermuda on April 27, 1966. The dresses are made of layers of paper with rayon scrim in between. Bohn, who is wearing the black and white Op Art design, transformed McKee’s bandana-patterned paper dress into a halter top, hula skirt and headband. (AP Photo)

This aerial photo shows long lines of people queuing outside the polling station in the black township of Soweto, in the southwest suburbs of Johannesburg, Wednesday, April 27, 1994. The majority of South Africa’s 22 million voters were voting in the nation’s first all-race elections. (AP Photo/Denis Farrell)

Jubilant student marchers, arms lined, pass under a bridge lined with local supporters, Thursday, April 27, 1989, Beijing, China. Students in the ten of thousands from several Beijing schools demonstrated in defiance of a government ban. (AP Photo/Mark Avery)

Spectators watch a soccer match on a sports field in the besieged Muslim enclave of Srebrenica on Sunday, April 27, 1993. U.N.-Canadian troop are in the city to manage a ceasefire agreement. New sanctions against Yugoslavia took effect on Tuesday, aimed at forcing Yugoslav leaders to use their influence to end aggression by Bosnian Serbs. (AP Photo)

Tamba, the educated chimp, who costars with Johnny Weissmuller in a jungle film series for Columbia, now must retire to await motherhood, after five years as a movie celebrity. Here, veterinarian Henry Tyndall, April 27, 1954 in Hollywood examines the chimp and confirms the forthcoming blessed event. (AP Photo)

The first plane to make westward trans-Atlantic flight, is welcomed at Lake Ste. Agnes, Que in Canada on April 27, 1928 after non-stop flight in the Ford Relief plane. Crew of Bremen. (AP Photo)

Apollo 16 astronauts, from left wearing white suits, Thomas Mattingly, John Young and Charles Duke, pose for photographs by Navy Frogmen in rubber raft after leaving spaceship, left, in the Pacific Ocean on Thursday, April 27, 1972. The successful splashdown of their spacecraft was made precisely on time, within one mile of the recovery ship, USS Ticonderoga. (AP Photo)

A Hutu refugee woman with a machete wound on one eye holds her baby who also has suffered a machete wound on his head in a school compound in Kibeho, southern Rwanda on Thursday, April 27, 1995. Rwanda’s top leaders traveled on Thursday to the refugee camp where killed last week to try to persuade 600 people holed up there to go home peacefully. Saturday’s bloodshed occurred while the Rwandan army was trying to close the Kibeho camp, which the government considered a center for extremist Hutu militias. At least 2,000 people were killed by army gunfire or trampled in a stampede. (AP Photo/Jean-Marc Bouju)

Mark Rudd, 20, chairman of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), speaks at news conference at Columbia University in New York, April 27, 1968. Rudd asserted that the student and other demonstrators’ demand that a controversial gymnasium not be built and that the university sever its ties with the Institute for Defense Analysis are well on their way to resolution.(AP Photo/RH)

Bowing to the demands of Dallas women who object to girl car-hops in shorts, one large roadside stand, hired four six-footers garbed in shorts and cowboy boots in Dallas, Texas, April 27, 1940. Above Joe Wilcox serves Pauline Taylor, who smiles her approval of the idea. Bound for another car is James Smith at right. (AP Photo)

The huge Cow Palace jammed to capacity, Evangelist Billy Graham, left, went outside to address this overflow crowd for a few minutes before opening a six-weeks crusade in San Francisco April 27, 1958. There was no immediate estimate of the number of persons outside the Cow Palace for the start of Graham’s crusade. The Cow Palace seats 16,500. (AP Photo/Ernest K. Bennett)

Back in the movie capital after an absence of 11 months during which he hunted big game in Africa, Gary Cooper, accompanied by a baby chimpanzee named Toluca, which he caught and tamed, is met at the train by his mother, Mrs. Alice Cooper, as he arrived to resume him film career in Los Angeles on April 27, 1932, which will get under way with the filming of “The Devil and the Deep” for Paramount. (AP Photo)

The Russian audience looks happy at a presentation ceremony for the Russian edition of Cosmopolitan magazine in Moscow, April 27, 1994. The Russian edition of the magazine was unveiled with hype the likes of which has never been seen before. (AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko)

Cambodian civilians and soldiers loyal to the government of ousted Premier Pol Pot rest in a banana grove at Kud Pai, a village on the Thai side of the two countries’ common border on April 27, 1979. More than 20,000 Khmers crossed into Thailand to escape advancing Vietnamese forces, but Thai authorities forced them to return to Cambodia after allowing them to rest. (AP Photo)

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