Anorak News | Danny From The Voice turned down Cameron Diaz’s sexual advances

Danny From The Voice turned down Cameron Diaz’s sexual advances

by | 2nd, May 2012

DESPITE the fact he’s got so much hair and so little face, thereby making him look like a beefeater peering out of a grizzly bear’s arse, Danny O’Donoghue from The Voice has a huge number of female admirers. Scientists believe that 89% of these cooers probably said “Oooh, I love the Irish accent!” Presumably they weren’t think of Gerry Adams when they said that.

Either way, the singer who no-one is quite sure what he’s done, has also had famous admirers. Like who? Well, if you’d read the headline, you’ll know we’re talking about Cameron Diaz.

Apparently, while Danny was doing whatever it is he does in America, Diaz tried to chat him up and get him to go on a date. That’s because he’s got a girlfriend.

Danny said to The Sun: “Cameron Diaz once asked me out. It was when we were both in New York on the Today show. She gave her number to my management. I didn’t call her, though. I’m very happy with my girlfriend. To be honest, I wasn’t even tempted. If me and my girlfriend broke up I’m sure I’d track her down.”

Great way to keep your girlfriend on her toes Daniel San.

This all said, Daniel knows that his job in the spotlight is the reason why people are attracted to his tiny, tiny face. He continued: “I get to say ‘no’ to some of the most beautiful girls in the world who would not have come anywhere near me if I was not in the band. They would not have looked twice at me in the past – maybe even slapped me across the face if I’d approached them in a club.”

For appearing on the tawdry The Voice, you deserve a slap anyway.

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