Anorak News | Michael Jackson to give Pepsi some corpsey goodness again!

Michael Jackson to give Pepsi some corpsey goodness again!

by | 4th, May 2012

WHEN you think of Michael Jackson and Pepsi in the same sentence, you’ll invariably get a whiff of burned hair and flesh on the wind. Of course, MJ is pretty dead these days, so we don’t have to worry about him sullying our junk food anymore.

If only that was the case.

Michael Jackson Tattoos

See, Pepsi have decided to try and breathe life into Jackson’s corpse and put some deathstink on their drink as they’ve announced that they’ll be putting¬†Michael Jackson’s silhouette on their packaging. No wonder everyone buys Coca Cola instead. ¬†Of course, Pepsi aren’t grave-robbing at all as they nod to the promotions that will include live events, music and digital opportunities for fans to get special-edition merchandise. No. Not a singed wig.

“This is very macabre and seems totally over-the-top to me,” says pop culture guru Watts Wacker. “This will be a very polarizing promotion. They’ll get lots of buzz, but most of it will be negative.” Consultant Jonathan Salem Baskin agrees, saying: “It’s a stroke of utter and complete stupidity. Can you imagine Whitney Houston being on a can of pop?”

Michael Jackson Pre-1980

Jackson’s Pepsi accident was in 1983 while shooting a commercial for the fizzy drink vendors. Of course, that was the year he was last truly great. So basically, Pepsi are responsible for the fall of one of the world’s greatest ever popstars. And now they’ve stuck his dead body on their burp juice.

How tasteful.

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