Anorak News | Lost star gets charged with DUI… and it isn’t his first brush with boozy bother

Lost star gets charged with DUI… and it isn’t his first brush with boozy bother

by | 11th, May 2012

YOU may have watched Lost or Party Of Five, looked at Matthew Fox and thought ‘he seems like a nice man… a nice, hunky, stubbly dreamboat of a man’. Well, there’s a strong whiff of booze around him which suggests otherwise.

See, it has been reported that Fox has been charged with two misdemeanours, one of driving under the influence (DUI) and the second, driving without a licence. He got arrested and everything! He was pulled in by the long arm of the law in the early hours of last Friday after an officer noticed his vehicle wasn’t signalling properly… or staying in lane with traffic… and generally being vehicularly erratic. Turned out he’d been drinking.

A spokesperson at the Deschutes County, Oregon, District Attorney’s office told People magazine that although he was released and charged with driving under the influence (DUI) and driving without a license. Of course, this isn’t the first time he’s got in trouble after a night on the pop.

If you remember, last year, he was accused by a woman who drove a party bus in Ohio. You’ve seen those things right? Terrible, terrible blaring, obnoxious things. Driver Heather Bormann accused him of assault and battery after she claimed he drunkenly tried to get into her vehicle and demanded she drove him to his hotel.

Court papers filed by Heather stated: ”Defendant Fox continued to force his way onto the steps of the bus, and bellowed loudly at plaintiff, demanding she drive him to his hotel… Suddenly and without provocation, Fox attacked plaintiff with his fists, delivering sudden and severe blows to her right breast, groin, arm and legs, inflicting severe, disabling injury and pain to plaintiff.”

Still, all of this behaviour is a thousand times less confusing and convoluted than Lost.

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