Anorak News | Mexican couple row over teddy stuffed with heroin

Mexican couple row over teddy stuffed with heroin

by | 11th, May 2012

WOULD you be more unnerved by a man and a woman fighting in the street over drugs or a teddy bear? We ask in light of news Juárez, Mexico, where Efraín Vera Chávez, 39, is rowing over a teddy bear with Edith Ortiz Sandoval, 29. Police notice the fracas. Edith tells the police the bear is hers and that Efraín is in a jealous rage. She says a mystery man gave it to her and Efraín is upset.As the copper orders Efraín to hand over the bear to Edith he notices a small hole in the toy. Inside, the cop finds 245 aluminum packets filled with heroin.We have no idea where Edith’s anonymous admirer got the bear, but we’d wager that it’s not got the British kite mark – and neither has the smack…

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