Anorak News | The fat truth about those surgically-implanted al-Qaeda bombs

The fat truth about those surgically-implanted al-Qaeda bombs

by | 14th, May 2012

NEWSWEEK says al Qaeda has an explosives expert called Ibrahim al-Asir. He and some top medics, who might not have taken the Hippocratic Oath, are creating bombs that can be stitched inside suicide bombers. This way, the killers will be able to get past airport scanners. Newsweek fails to say where the tapers will be in these cartoonish bombers, but menstruating woman might not make the most reliable mules.

We are told:

An American government source familiar with the report described it as 15 to 20 pages, single spaced, and replete with schematics and pictures. “It was almost like something you’d see in Scientific American,” the source said. (In military parlance, the bomb is called a “surgically implanted improvised explosive device,” or SIIED.) A diagram with arrows and blocks of text explained the surgical process. “The idea was to insert the device in the terrorist’s love handle,” says the U.S. government source, who declined to be named discussing sensitive intelligence. While it was not clear whether the terror doctors had ever succeeded in implanting explosives in a human being, they had experimented with dogs and other animals.

Fortunately these devices are easier to describe than to detonate. “You would have to have a very unique firing system,” says Borelli. “If it’s a ‘body bomb’ you are going to have to have a way to initiate it from the outside—almost a stent, or something like a pacemaker.”

In the “love handles”. As in, hiding bomb inside roles of fat? America must be terrified of a homegrown bomber, possible one right now sitting in a McDonald’s drive thru working his way through the umpteenth murder burger of the morning. Good job the spook never mentioned saddle bag bombs and double chin grenades. If he wants to declare war on the fat, bring it on. If we all jump together at once the tidal wave will swamp New York…

And if you want to see hat happens when you blow up lots of fat, take gander over here.

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