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Madeleine McCann: The kidnappers dismantled the door – really?

by | 16th, May 2012

HANDS up who knows for certain exactly what happened to Madeleine McCann. There! The one with his hand up. Get him! Ooops! Sorry, Jerry Lawton, the Daily Star’s man on the Our Maddie beat. He played no part in her disappearance. But he knows what happened to he. As Lawton tells Star readers:

A BRIT holidaymaker claims child-snatchers tried to grab her son in a copy of the Madeleine McCann abduction.

We journey to Gumbet resort near Bodrum, Turkey. There:

Diane Charlton said two intruders were discovered inside his hotel room and half-naked Cameron, 12, was standing in the hallway.

So. Madeleine McCann was kidnapped by two intruders while she was half-naked.

The man and woman had dismantled the door lock to get in.

Hope the Met are taking notes. It was a man and woman. They took the door to pieces. Go on:

Says Diana of that night. Her mother was in the room with the not-kidnapped boy:

“She saw a woman in the room and realised Cameron wasn’t in his bed. He’d been forced out and was stood outside the door of the room in his boxer shorts. When we woke up and saw what was happening, they must have just run off.”

They were going to kidnap a 12-year-old boy, who was standing by the room to his door? It sounds like an alarming and unsetting incident. But kidnap?

Says Lawton:

Hotel bosses tried to convince her the woman intruder could have been a maid.

Was it? We don’t know. Diane seems to have an idea:

“We have no idea why they targeted Cameron. He’s 12 but looks a lot younger.”

Did they target him? Turkish police are investigating.

Still, know we know what happened in Portugal five years ago. Only, this time no child went missing. Still, every bit helps to find the missing child. Thanks, Jerry.

Note: the story is take from the Sunderland Echo, in which Mrs Charlton recounts her son’s ordeal. At not tim does she mentioned ‘Our Maddie’. What she said was:

“I told everything to the staff at the hotel, but all they said was that the woman could have been the maid. The maid at one in the morning? I couldn’t believe it. It looked as if they had dismantled the lock on the door. There were bits and pieces all over the floor and we never found part of the handle.”

How does one woman’s story about a strange incident in Turkey become about a missing child in Portugal? Answer: when the Daily Star get hold of it.

More to follow…

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