Anorak News | China bans more than two flies going to the toilet at any one time

China bans more than two flies going to the toilet at any one time

by | 23rd, May 2012

IT is now law that no toilets in Beijing, China, should contain more than two flies. The Beijing Municipal Committee has released its “major sectors of management of public toilets in Beijing services standards”.

In a land where the private in-home toilet is relatively rare, public toilets are in demand. The two flies rule is an effort to ensure they are kept clean, the thinking behind the move that the presence of flies is a sign of dirt.

Of course, there are problems. Is a Daddy Long Legs a fly or a spider? Would a toilet goer be more troubled by three flies or one massive cockroach? Is your zipper a fly? Shouldn’t flies be encouraged to go to the toilet? Is controlling flies the natural progression for a totalitarian State that wants to enlarge its sphere of control from just humanity to take in other creates and then, ultimately, also inanimate objects and the French.

Also, has the translation misconstrued the message? Is China purging the dread two-ply toilet paper, thus making Beijing the world’s first to make the three-ply stuff standard? If so, odd that the country waited until after the Beijing Hames to replace the scratchy stuff that did few favours for Team GB and its pursuit of seated sports glory…


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