Anorak News | Damon Albarn strops out of Blur sessions

Damon Albarn strops out of Blur sessions

by | 23rd, May 2012

BLUR managed to endure where many other Britpop and 90s indie bands faltered. That’s mainly because Blur are considerably better than Shed Seven, Menswear, Echobelly, Molly Halfhead, Strangelove, Powder, Laxton’s Superb, Spirea X, The Mystics, Gay Dad and… the list is almost endless, thanks largely to Britpop being one of the most overrated genres in history.

Either way, Blur (pictured here 1994) got back together and played some shows and everyone cooed over Graham Coxon and Damon Albarn being pals again. Watching Damon and Graham perform together is, ostensibly, porn for thirtysomethings. Everything was (Villa) rosy in the Blur garden again!


It has been reported that Albarn has sunk any hope that Blur will record some new material together after he apparently flounced out of a recording session with the band.

Producer William Orbit has revealed Blur had been cutting some new tracks with him in a studio ahead of their reunion show at London’s Hyde Park in summer. Some were hoping for a new LP to get into, but alas, it seems the dream is over before it even began.

Orbit tells the NME: “They were getting some demons out of the way. The new stuff sounded amazing. Then it all stopped suddenly. It was all over with Damon, and the rest of the band were like, ‘Is that it?'”

What were they arguing about? Was Alex James’ Tory pals too much for Albarn to stomach? Was Albarn bossing everyone around because Gorillaz have done pretty well in the absence of Blur? Did Graham Coxon kick him in the balls? Blur fans, it’s over to you…

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