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Pedro Hernandez confessed in the 1980s

by | 25th, May 2012

PEDRO Hernandez murdered 6-year-old Etan Patz in 1979. So they claim. Hernadez, who has cancer, has been arrested and placed on suicide watch. Pedro Hernandez is 51. He lives in a flat at 116 E. Linwood Avenue, Maple Shade, N.J. He’s married. He has a teenage daughter.

It is alleged that Hernadez intercepted Etan Patz as the youngster made his way to school. Hernadez is said to have offered Patz a fizzy drink. Hernandez then took him to his convenience store and killed him.

Etan Patz’s body has never been found. Unless Hernandez tells all, we will never know what happend to him. We will only have Hernadez’s testimony.

News is that he told relatives in the 1980s that he had dome something terrible. BNow he seems to be ready to confess. The ill man making the death-bed confession.

It’s not brave. It’s the craven act of a coward. If he can;t hink of Patz and his family, then what of his daughter? Wait until she’s a teen to confess to murdering a young boy for reasons we can only guess at?


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A spokesman for the group NAMBLA said a photograph seized in a police raid is not that of Etan Patz, a young boy who disappeared from the streets of New York 3½ years, ago at a press conference in New York, Dec. 29, 1982. Spokesman David Thorstead, center, shows the 1968 “Boyhood Calendar” from which the photograph in question came. With him are spokesman David Ingalls, left, and the lawyer for the group, Michael J. Larey, at right. (AP Photo/G. Paul Burnett)

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