Anorak News | Wayne Rooney still aiming for signature hair style

Wayne Rooney still aiming for signature hair style

by | 30th, May 2012

WAYNE Rooney splashed out lots of money on getting his hair sorted. His thinning locks were troubling him. Not for him the wig worn by Manchester United’s Bobby Charlton, beneath which the England great kept his own huge mane of chestnut curls. (When George Best showcased his Hollywood hair, Brand Charlton was determined to make his own style a global trademark. He fell upon the stray comb over, a hair-do that cemented his fame.) Rooney went for a hair transplant. And it looked good. Short. Neat. Tough. And then it grew into a mid-career ‘Henry Cooper’.

As such, this cannot be Wayne’s signature look. He  needs one. We suggests he develop a ‘hair hole’ in an interesting shape – perhaps the Europan Cup, the words “I 8 JT”  or a naked woman.

Call us, Wayne. We have ideas…



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