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Liverpool goes mad for pigeon meat

by | 11th, June 2012

LIVERPOOL council says “pigeon feeding was often undertaken by people with mental health needs”. The council stops short of saying if pigeon feeding should be available on the NHS. The council does, however, refer to a survey that proves its statement, although the data cannot be located.

Liverpool adds that scraping pigeon poo from pavements and buildings costs £160,000 a year. As such, pigeon feeders as discouraged from climbing atop the Liver building to satisfy their sick urges.

In the face of outrage from mental health campaigners, a Liverpool council spokesman adds:

“The reference in the report relates to a survey carried out by the council about five years ago when it was considering whether to prosecute persistent pigeon feeders. It was found it would be inappropriate to prosecute many of the people involved because they had mental health issues. This of course is not to say that everybody who feeds pigeons falls into that category. What we try and do is educate people about the harmful effects feeding pigeons can have.”

Liverpool is, of course, a bastion of health, wherein the locals are required by law to eat two portions of vitamin-rich liver every week – pigeon liver, being the richest in anti-toxins, is the preferred meat, followed by swan and cormorant.

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