Anorak News | Woman ‘impregnated’ by squid

Woman ‘impregnated’ by squid

by | 16th, June 2012

WHO is the 63-year-old South Korean woman who fell pregnant with 12 baby squid?

When in 2010, Andrew Dymond was sentenced to four months prison for possessing, among other items, an image of a man having sex with a squid,  we thought the matter of human-cephalopods coitus was an odd fetish. Now we meet octo-mum (eat your heart out Nadya Suleman) in the pages of the National Center for Biotechnology Information in Bethesda, Maryland.

Octo-was chomping on a meal of cooked whole squid. He bit into something hard. She felt what she described the stuff as “bug-like organisms“. Medics were called. They found “baby cephalopods” stuck to the inside of her mouth inside pods. The pods contained an “ejaculatory apparatus” pumping out sperm.
The woman was raced to hospital. The sperm bags were cut away form her gums, tongue and cheek.
Yeah, and you thought eating ‘squid rings’ was revolting enough…

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