Anorak News | Suicidal Chinese duck begs to be killed and eaten

Suicidal Chinese duck begs to be killed and eaten

by | 20th, June 2012

WHAT is the point of a duck if you can’t eat it?  The duck at the farmers’ fair in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, Chaina, is sporting a handwitten sign that states:

“I am a local duck, from the countryside and very good to eat.”

Says Wen Li:

“I only put the sign around the duck’s neck because there have been lots of scandals about poisoned meat coming from other parts of China. The duck can’t read and doesn’t know he’s going to be eaten.”

How does any human know what a duck thinks? It’s the great myth, isn’t it, that says a human being can understand what an animal is thinking. Because David Attenborough or Johnny Morris tells us that the ape is worried about the rains coming or the beetle prefers cow poo to the giraffe sort it is not fact. This duck might well be suicidal. The duck, a creature that has worked out how to walk, swim and fly unaided, might be a keen golfer who hopes the media will rescue him and give him a tickets to The Open.

Anyhow, here’s Johnny:

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