Anorak News | London Olympics bans rock ‘n’ roll and free speech

London Olympics bans rock ‘n’ roll and free speech

by | 25th, June 2012

WHEN the Times led with “Argentina to disrupt the Olympics”, we cheered. Having cleansed St Paul’s of the 99%, purged the Olympic Stadium of knitting and issued Asbos to the walking graffiti, could the Argentines be the ones to show the world that London and the UK at lage is a bastion of free speech and protest?

Things have gotten so draconian in London that entertainers at BBC Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend were warned against making any negative somment about the Olympics.  The poster back stage warned:

“Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend is part of the London Festival 2012. We please aks that you do not reference the Olympic Games in a negative or derogatory way. Thank you.”

The Olympics has not only killed protest, it’s offed rock ‘n’ roll.

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