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Kyron Horman: Libel tourism and Terri Horman’s trial by opinion

by | 29th, June 2012

KYRON Horman: Anorak’s look at the case of the missing Portland, Oregon, child:

On the site GoFundMe, Kelly Davidson has created page called “Justice for Kyron Horman”.

Justice? What about searching for him and trying to find out what happened to the child? The latest appeal runs:

June 4, 2010 is the day that Kyron disappeared and our nightmare started. It has been two years and we still don’t know where Kyron is. Our hearts were broken that day the unthinkable happened, a day there is no moving on from. Each day we live with the unknown, while silently praying today is the day he comes home to us. Our nightmare will not end until Kyron is home.

For the past two years, people have come together in support of Kyron and our family and we ask for your continued support. As we are standing together we ask you to stand with us. Fight for the little boy who has touched so many hearts. Help us bring Kyron home.

And then:

While Terri Horman has never been named a suspect in Kyron’s disappearance, Desiree believes that she has answers that will help us solve his disappearance, yet she remains silent. In support of Desiree, our family has created this website in which all donations will be used to offset the legal expenses incurred by filing this law suit. Desiree does not intend on keeping any monies awarded and any excess donations received will be donated to families of other missing children.

(This site is monitored by Kelly Ramirez, Desiree Young’s sister.)

We Promise We Will Find You.
We Will Never Stop!

It’s an appeal to raise funds for Kyron’s mother, Desiree Young, to prosecute Terri Horman in a civil court. Terri Horman is Kyron’s step-mother, who has been charged with no crime. Indeed, the police case have yet to identify which crime, if any, befell Kyron Horman.

Some of the comments are striking, particularly for an English reader versed in libel law. And what of that libel tourism? British courts deal with foreigners who say that their “good names” have bene sullied because comments made about them on the internet or other media that can be read in the UK.

The stories about Kyron are great! Desiree, my son’s birthday is 8 days after Kyron’s (same year) and I too went into labor early, around 30 weeks! You’re such a great Momma. Stay strong and we’re right here for you always :)posted by Jurissah Naive 

I will never give up on ‘our’ precious Kyron…I know he is out there and just pray that he has enough food and is comfortable each and every day that his captors have him away from his loving parents. I pray that God keeps His large hands safely around Kyron and keeps him healthy, and safe while the law enforcement people SOMEHOW find it in themselves to make TH a person of interest since she was the last one to see this precious young boy. He needs to be back home and now. Two yrs is LONG enough~~~bring this young boy home to his parents…it’s past time!! Desiree, thinking of you each and every day and of Kaine…may God keep each of you going during the tough times~~ posted by Elizabeth Dennington

And the weird:

Thank you, Desiree, for the first Kyron story. My Father’s name is Myron. I have a Kyron/Myron perennial garden and hope that someday your family will be able to travel to New England with Kyron to meet us and see our Coast. Much love ~Ann~ XOposted by Ann Pechulis Nash 

…I just hate that Terri won’t just give in and give you the answers you deserve and hand you back precious Kyron.. I’m still praying that God will soften her heart and loosen her lips to speak and be truthful… I believe in Kyrons Miracle and will nevposted by Jody Wells

All incredible stuff.

Over in The Oregonian, the report tells us:

Kaine Horman’s request, a Multnomah County judge this week renewed the restraining order that Kaine Horman obtained against his wife, Terri Lynn Moulton Horman, for another year, lasting through June 24, 2011.  Kaine Horman’s divorce attorney, Laura Rackner, submitted to the court the petition for renewal. She attached a two-paragraph statement that explains his reason for the restraining order, the same exhibit attached to his restraining order petition a year ago.

It says:

My son, Kyron, has been missing since June 4, 2010. I do not know where he is, if he has been harmed, or if he is alive. Local and federal law enforcement agencies are currently investigating my Wife, Respondent/Terri Horman, for her involvement in Kyron’s disappearance. Terri Horman will not cooperate with law enforcement and will not assist in the search for Kyron. I believe that Terri Horman is responsible for Kyron’s disappearance.

After Kyron went missing and the investigation began, law enforcement officials informed me that my Wife had attempted to hire our landscaper to kill me for money. I obtained a restraining order against her to protect myself and my daughter Kiara. Respondent/Terri Horman is a substantial safety threat to me and to my family. She has manifested a desire to physically harm me and my family, and I fear she will continue to try to harm me and my family.

But Terri Horman’s not been charged with committing a crime.

Kyron Horman went missing on June 4, 2010.

Such is the fact.

Image: Kyron as he might look aged 9.

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