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How Prince William nearly married a dead woman

by | 30th, June 2012

HEADY times in the Sir Richard Branson household. This morning, Branson was accepting a bottle of champagne on Folkstone Beach, Kent, after he had to abandon an attempt to set at least two world records by kite-surfing across the English Channel. The Virgin boss had hoped to become the oldest person to cross the Channel by kite-surf and to make the fastest crossing by a kite-surfing team.

Accompanied by his son Sam, nephews and friends, the 61-year-old left Wimereux in northern France at midday and aimed to successfully make the 30-mile journey to the Kent coast in around two and a half hours. But as he was half-way across, Sir Richard, who turns 62 next month, realised his kite was too small and he had to turn back to France while his friends and family continued. There was joy, however, for his son Sam who became the fastest person to kite-surf solo across the Channel when he reached Folkestone in two hours and 18 minutes, beating the previous record set in 1999 by 12 minutes.

As we say, heady days, especially for young posho Sam Bran, who is set to marry Isabella Calthorpe, the gel who might have married Prince William, has she let him. The Daily Mail’s Richard Kay reported on the volume of their love:

‘We’re very excited,’ Isabella tells me just after she and Sam landed back in Britain yesterday to share their news with family and friends. For his part, lovestruck Sam was answering his fiancee’s telephone yesterday with the words: ‘You are talking to an angel.’

Sam either has very high self-esteem or /and has scored a job as the voice of death’s voicemail. As Wikipedia tells us:

Angels, in a variety of religions, are regarded as spirits.

Angels are, in short, not of this world. They are in the Heaven. They have no bodies are are, thus, rubbish at breeding. It might be that Wills got a lucky escape…

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