Anorak News | Olympic beach volleyball players told to swap hot pants for leggings

Olympic beach volleyball players told to swap hot pants for leggings

by | 15th, July 2012

TOO late to get a refund? You betcha. News is that Team GB’s female beach volleyball players are permitted to swap their hotpants and  boob tubes for leggings and long-sleeved shirts. This is not to avoid them being mistaken for Aussie Rules players. It is to help them not freeze to death in the weather.

Says Shauna Mullin, who doubles with Zara Dampney: “Once the temperature drops below 16C we are allowed to wear long leggings and long-sleeved tops.”

This outfit is termed not “shopping attire”, rather “wet-weather gerar”.

This is a sport so popular that David Cameron pointed to his view of the makeshift beach on Horse Guards Parade and oozed:

“I am very much looking forward to it. That’s the window, so you will understand if that tree has to come down.”

 Yep. Dave is such a fan of beach volleyball he will not even both to watch it from the venue but peep at it like a voyeuristic neighbour eyeing next door’s barbecue.
It’s all lamentable. Britain rules the world at indoors sports. Beach volleyball is for weirdos and preppy Americans for whom the beach is a place to be controlled and organised. If you want beach games to play, then play family beach cricle, 100-a-side beach football or beach long jump. And then give up and move the thing indoors. Darts, readers. Snooker. Billiards. And skittles. And if want the players to wear fetish gear, just make sure it’s in a sensible manmade fabric.
Now close the curtains and switch the telly on. Summer’s here. Apathy wins…


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Brazil's Angela Viera signals to her team mate during the preliminary phase of the FIVB Beach Volleyball International at Horse Guards Parade, London.

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