Anorak News | London store Liberty sells Soviet Katyusha rocket launchers

London store Liberty sells Soviet Katyusha rocket launchers

by | 23rd, July 2012

LIBERTY has been selling toy versions of Soviet Katyusha rocket launchers. You can buy your mini weapons of mass destruction in baby pink, yellow or natural wood. . The Kidsonroof PINK WOODEN KATYUSHA ROCKET LAUNCHER was £23.50 but is now £11.75. The blurb tells us:

Wooden toy Katyusha rocket launcher truck in a pink finish featuring six moving wheels, pivoting rocket launcher and removable rockets. COMPOSITION Wood DIMENSIONS H: 12cm x L: 16cm

Relive those Soviet attacks of World War 2. Take aim at a Lego synagogue as your play Hezbollah and Israeli – the Iranian-fed terror outfit used actual metal Katyusha rockets launchers to attack Israel during the 2006 conflict. It’s all good clean fun. But not everyone is pleased. As we shop for a landmine to finally rid the playroom of the imperial agent that is Barbie and her lickspittle Ken, Liberal Democrat MP Jo Swinson tells the Indy:

“This very week negotiators at the United Nations are working to agree a historic arms trade treaty. When small children in conflict zones around the world are being killed and maimed by rocket launchers, it seems rather tasteless to be marketing a sanitised pink version to young children in our country.”

A spokesperson for Liberty’s replies:

“This company does trucks and cars made of wood, things that our customers really like. But the rocket launcher was an oversight on our part. We do not condone warfare and we apologise for any offence caused. We won’t be selling anything like that again.”

What then of the Tom’s Jet Liberty Print Toy Plane? But let’s not get into the finer details. Liberty can be Liberty to or Liberty from.

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