Anorak News | David Starkey talks of the ‘disproportionately black criminal class’ in London’s gangsta rap Armada

David Starkey talks of the ‘disproportionately black criminal class’ in London’s gangsta rap Armada

by | 6th, August 2012

A FEW highlights from David Starkey’s comment on the London riots of 2011, as told to the Daily Telegraph. As before, the historian is giving full throat to his metaphorisation of black skin for criminality

Far from being merely opportunistic, the core of the rioters was formed of an already existing criminal class and that class is disproportionately black. 

Of course, black might not refer to skin colour. Starkey is the prat who says “whites have become black”.

Starkey then goes on to attack black culture – the “violent, destructive, nihilistic, ‘gangsta’ culture” of the street.

As we said:

If only Elizabeth I or her dad Henry VIII – his favourite book and TV topics – had been black he might now be metaphorising white skin for criminality

Says Starkey:

Only one person is of the necessary stature: Doreen Lawrence.

Shoot for the stars, blacks of London.

Starkey’s words give rise to some choice comments:

sirmichael – The Olympic 100metres final was a reminder of the riots and brought back vivid memories. The only difference was that the black men sprinting in the riots were running out of Currys with 42″ plasma TV’s on their shoulders and were wearing baseball caps.

govt45 – Oh, come on – do you really think that Delroy and Jermaine discussed the City and Wall St before deciding to acquire a plasma TV and some new Nikes, innit?

FirstPassThePostMadeThisMess – The immigrants are using the voting system to stop MPs from closing our borders. If an MP talks the truth about immigration, the foreigners vote for someone who will say how fantastic it is to have all these foreigners here and to keep the door open and flood in with wives and extended family. Its war by other means. Unfortunately, PC is now so imbedded in our establishment, it makes governing almost impossible.

suetonius – are you deliberately obtuse?  A lot of black men are wilfully making themselves unemployable.  look at the evidence – they refuse even to  speak a language that enable s them to converse intelligibly with the rest of us.

suetonius – we don’t blame black ‘culture’ for everything but many of us do blame it for the plight many blacks have created for themselves

chrisso 2007 – The writer is correct, but what is the solution? You dont change a loser culture overnight

cherokeekid – Simple solution. Put as many in prison as possible, deport as many as possible, shoot a few, sterilize the rest, ban rap music as hate speech and no benefit checks so that if you don’t work you starve.

djw2009 – Why would Doreen Lawrence tackle political correctness, when the very political correctness on race is what has made her a public figure, with six-figure payouts from the public purse to boot?

Who needs twitter to create a race storm when you have the Telegraph?

Do read: David Starkey Sees A Jamaican Armada: Henry VIII Was A Black Homicidal Maniac

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