Anorak News | Olympics dressage centre opens in Brinnington, Stockport

Olympics dressage centre opens in Brinnington, Stockport

by | 15th, August 2012

DRESSAGE has gone to the streets in search of new Olympic champions. First stop on the talent quest is Brinnington, Stockport, where animals have bene spotted living in the homes of dressage enthusiasts. As many as 14 animals have been seen grazing on the Brindale Park playground.

One local tells the MEN:

“It’s a children’s playing field and horses are not meant to be on there…I have seen them kept in gardens. I have been to the housing office and complained.”

Indeed. It’s all very well housing them but the short dressage arena measures 20m x 40m (or approximately 66 ft. x 132 ft.) and is seldom used in the sport of dressage today, where as the standard – or long – dressage arena measures 20m x 60m (or approximately 66 ft. x 197 ft.)

The gardens are just not big enough if Team GB is to keep on winning, things must change a grassroots level. The paper adds:

The M.E.N. found a horse walking down a pavement near Brindale Park. It returned to a nearby house, where its owner said his child had accidentally let it out of their home.

It’s a start, readers. An encouraging one…

Update: Bob Kearsley, who runs Hereford Road community centre, said: “The problem has definitely got worse. We first noticed it at the beginning of the year, but suddenly there seems to be an awful lot more. It seems to be new status symbol instead of having a staffy dog.”

Spotter: Karen

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