Anorak News | Bournemouth police seek Sainsbury’s iPad flasher

Bournemouth police seek Sainsbury’s iPad flasher

by | 27th, August 2012

TO Bournemouth’s Castle Point shopping centre, where at the Sainsbury’s store the kids playing with a demonstration iPad happen upon a photo of a man’s penis.

The parents of nine-year-old twins Mollie and Millie, and eight-year-old Maisie Finn have reported the photo to police. They told Sainsbury’s, which offered them £150 in compensation.

The trio feature in the Bournemouth Echo. All three are dressed the same. All are looking sad. All are touching an iPad, which appears to be switched off.

Says Inspector Mike Claxton:

“This happened at about 10.15 am on Tuesday, August 14 in a busy supermarket. I am keen to speak to anyone who may have seen a man acting suspiciously near the electrical aisle of the stole. In particular I would like to speak to the man in the picture [above] who I believe can help us with our investigation.” 

Says dad Dave Finn, 47:

“I was disgusted and was straight on the phone to head office but I don’t feel they really took our concerns seriously. They made it sound like it was an everyday occurrence but we were horrified. My mother-in-law was with them and when the girls went to tell her what they had seen, they were grey-faced, apparently. She thought they had broken the iPad at first, they looked so shocked.”

It turns out that there are things still worse than a broken iPad. And – who knows- the kids might ever be able to afford a new one because dad says the £150 for seeing a photograph of a man’s penis is not enough.

On a positive note, other parents could use the incident to stop their children playing on iPads and other electronic devices. There are rules. If you pull faces, the wind will change and you will stay like that. If you pick your nose, it will fall off. If you look at a demo iPad, a stranger will get you.

Also, expect to see a spate of incidents involving students using in-store demo iPads to photograph their genitalia and then demand recompense for the mental scarring…

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