Anorak News | Alfie is Britain is fattest pet – and he’s really happy

Alfie is Britain is fattest pet – and he’s really happy

by | 7th, September 2012

ONCE upon a time fat mwas equated with being jolly. Fat people indulged themselves on life’s treats. Billy Bunter might have been a bloater, but the “Fat Owl of the Remove” was the only character at  Greyfriars School who could shift books and films. So, to Alfie, a 12-year-old cream Labrador who weighed 12st 5lbs.

Alfie’s owner is suffering from dementia. This, goes the official line, is why they kept feeding Alfie. The owner’s daughter called the RSPCA. The RSPCA called Alfie “a massive blob with a leg at each corner”. Thanks tot he RSPCA, Alfie has responded to a strict diet and lost 4st 8lbs. The charity wants him to lose a further 3st.

Christine Dooley, from the RSPCA’s Leybourne Animal Centre, in Kent, tells media:

 “He literally could not stand up when he arrived because he was so fat. I have never seen a dog that fat before in my 27 years with the RSPCA, he must be Britain’s fattest pet. He was being fed to death, it’s amazing he was alive given his size.”

And then the clincher:

“He’s such a lovely dog and his tail never stops wagging everyone here has fallen in love with him.” 

Alfie the big happy, fat, cuddly dog:

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