Anorak News | Lucky women finds mouse meat in Tesco sandwich

Lucky women finds mouse meat in Tesco sandwich

by | 28th, September 2012

KATIE Crabtree, 31, found a free dead mouse in her Tesco bacon and chicken meal sandwich.

Says Kate of the sarnie bought in Stockton:

“I took a bite and saw this big black thing in it, but I thought it was just burned bacon and swallowed it. Then I saw there was something horrible in the sandwich. It was black and had hair – and I could see a little paw. It was horrendous. I felt so sick and now I can’t eat another packaged sandwich because I just think of that horrible thing. I chased it up a few times with the store and head office but nobody seemed to know what was happening. In the end they gave me a £10 voucher.”

Ten pounds , an anecdote and her name in the papers. Not too shabby a return on a crappy sandwich that tastes of wet mush.

Customer: “Waiter  waiter, there’s a fly in my soup.”

Waiter: “Shhh! Keep it down or everyone will want one.”

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