Anorak News | Dutch abortion boat heads to Morocco

Dutch abortion boat heads to Morocco

by | 1st, October 2012

HARD luck on sea sick women. A Dutch “abortion boat” is steaming towards Morocco, where abortion is illegal unless it will save the life of the mother. The ship is operated by Women on Waves (WoW), invited to Morocco by Alternative Movement for Individual Liberties.

Wow’s Rebecca Gomperts tells media:

“The ship is on its way. We can’t yet disclose the place and time of arrival… We expect it to stay for up to a week.”

She says there are around 600 and 800 abortions every day in the North African country. How she knows this when abortion is underground is moot point. She ads that 78 Morroccon women die, on average, every year from botched abortions:

“The problem is that only about 200 cases are done properly, by women who have money.”

How brave would a woman have to be to board the boat and have the operation?

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