Anorak News | Lancashire man mugs toddler for an iPhone (video)

Lancashire man mugs toddler for an iPhone (video)

by | 5th, October 2012

DARK times at the Hype clothes store in Ormskirk, Lancashire. Daniella Hinnigan, 26, from Kirkby, Merseyside, has handed her iPhone 4 to 20-month-old daughter Luella. The child is using it to watch a Barney The Dinosaur film as mum shops.

A man approaches. He has gray hair and glasses. Paedo? No. He’s a thief. He takes the mobile and walks off.

Says Daniella:

“People do say, what are you doing giving a 20-month-old an iPhone, but you should be able to give your daughter anything, it shouldn’t be taken out of her hand. She doesn’t let go of it, she is addicted to the iPhone and the iPad at home, she just watches them constantly so I knew she wouldn’t have done it (thrown it away).”

Is the man a thief or a do-gooder? An iPhones 4 is after all, social suicide in the kindergarten. “iPhone 4, muvva! Wotsmatter, dontchaluvemeeee? iPhone 5! NOW!”

YouTube link.

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