Anorak News | April Jones: Matthew Wood arrested

April Jones: Matthew Wood arrested

by | 7th, October 2012

A SECOND arrest has been made in the April Jones murder investigation. Matthew Wood, 20, of Eaves Lane, Chorley, has been arrested. No, not for the child’s apparent murder or kidnap. Wood has been arrested for something he wrote on Facebook.

The Lancashire Evening Post tells us the news but not the key details. It has been censured. They can see it. We cannot.

Wood will appeal before The Beak on Chorley on Monday morning.

A Lancashire Police spokesman explins:

“An arrest was made at an address in Brinscall on Saturday and we can confirm we have charged Matthew Wood with breaching Section 27 of the Communications Act, namely sending a public electronic communication which is grossly offensive. He has been remanded in custody and will appear before Chorley Magistrates Court on Monday.”

The paper does tell us:

The posting about the abducted five-year-old, which also relates to the missing youngster Madeleine McCann, was made on Mr Wood’s Facebook account on Thursday.

Frankie Boyle has not been arrested. What Wood said must be worse than that tweet.

It’s all pathetic. The Twitter hunters and Facebook guardians say what can and cannot be said. The thought police are working in cahoots with the actual police. The so-called trolls enjoy saying the unsayable. The social media narks reaffirm the message that freedom of expression has its limits. Wood might be a fool who says revolting things. Grown ups would ignore the idiot.

Update: His Facebook account has been deleted.

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