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Who is the Croydon cat shaver?

by | 8th, October 2012

WHO is the cat shaver of Croydon? Stephanie Warton, 60, of Shirley, Croydon, says someone is shaving her Barney:

“It’s a complete mystery, whoever is doing it does another little bit every day so they think I won’t notice, but I’m not stupid. I want to find them so I can shave their hair off and see how they like it.”

Round up the usual suspects.

 “It seems to happen every other day or so. First his mane was cut short. He used to have a shaggy bob but now there’s nothing there. Then gradually I noticed his stomach had been shaved, and his legs. He used to have three-inch hair and now in places it’s barely half an inch long.  It’s crazy… I have even put labels on his collar saying leave my cat alone, but when he comes home the collar has gone. I must have bought about eight different collars but as soon as he comes home at the end of the day the collar is gone and his hair’s been cut. I have even tried following him but I still don’t know what’s going on….It looks like professional work and I desperately want to report them for it. If anyone could help me figure out who is doing this, or think of any way I can stop it from happening, I’d be awfully grateful. I miss my long-haired cat.”

Your suggestions, please…

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