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The Lake Annecy Murders: Can we just blame the Jews and move on?

by | 15th, October 2012

THE Lake Annecy Murders: A catch-up on the news of a massacre that has almost vanished from the news cycle.

Saad al-Hilli, 50, an engineer, his wife Iqbal, 47, his 74-year-old Swedish mother-in-law, Suhaila Al-Allaf and Frenchman Sylvain Mollier were murdered.

David Aaronovitch tells Times readers:

A persistent fall-back theory for almost any high-profile unexplained death is that “Mossad done it”. One author, Gordon Thomas, who had a best-seller with his imaginative Gideon’s Spies, has Mossad killing Robert Maxwell and playing a hand in the death of Princess Diana.

On Saturday, the Daily Mail published a long piece by David Jones under the headline: “Was Mossad behind the Alps murders?” Apparently Jones and “a team of Mail reporters” had “spent the past week probing the mystery” of the hitman-style killing of Saad al-Hilli, his family and a French cyclist.

Should what the Mail supposes be the basis for any sensible article?

But despite (or possibly because of) the stupidity of the Mail’s piece, expect to see a whole lot more on this on an internet site near you. If that anonymous security analyst would like to come forward and change my mind, they should. But I’m not holding my breath.

The Mail’s article began:

Was Mossad behind the Alps murders? There is no shortage of theories over the slaughter of a Surrey family… but could there be a more sinister explanation?

More sinister than a child being shot in the head and four people murdered?

…a respected Middle East security analyst, who declined to be named. He believes the al-Hillis and the French cyclist could have been conspirators in a plot to supply nuclear material to Iran — and been eliminated by state-sponsored Israeli assassins.

Can we at least know which country this analyst is from? Who is he respected by? commentator who thinks it is plausible is Roger Howard, author of several authoritative books on Middle Eastern affairs, the next of which will examine a chilling assassination programme carried out on European soil by the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad.

Man thinks what an unnamed expert thinks is plausible.

After that insight, Get Surrey has news:

THE timing of a Claygate family’s murder in the French Alps has been narrowed down after police found a camera with their photos taken on the day of their killing…French prosecutor Eric Maillaud said the family posed for the images outside a house in the village of Arnand. The images retrieved from the family’s BMW show “a real family photograph”, Mr Maillaud said.“Both women were smiling and did not seem worried. This suggests that everyone was relaxed at the time.”

Smiling for a photo can, apparently, reveal something.

The Scotsman has news:

Mr al Hilli had begun proceedings in an attempt to prove his father’s will had been forged, reports say. Several versions of the will, worth £4 million, were found in the family’s caravan near Annecy in south-eastern France, sources said… “Saad had all his life on his laptops, and he stored documents on foreign servers which are all over the world,” Eric Maillaud, chief prosecutor in Annecy, said.

He kept a stun gun at his home. Or as the Express puts it:


No. Not on him when he was murdered.

The Mirror says the stun gun at Saad Al-Hilli’s home was “illegal”. Was Mr al-Hilli worried? The Mirror reports:

Saad al-Hilli – who was killed with wife Iqbal and his mother-in-law – acted after an alleged row with his estranged brother Zaid over who owned the £1million house, according to Radio 4’s The Report. He is said to have told friends and neighbours he feared losing the property in Claygate, Surrey.

The locks had been changed not longer before the killings.

The Mail then adds:

The slaughter of a British family in the Alps could be linked to money found hidden in a Geneva bank account.


France24 had earlier reported:

Swiss prosecutors have confirmed that a British man of Iraqi origin killed with three members of his family visited a bank in Geneva shortly before he was murdered, according to a Swiss news report…the Tribune de Geneve newspaper on Friday reported that Hilli had visited Geneva, and said that prosecutors there believed his trip to the banking capital of Europe was “linked to the murders”. Swiss broadcaster RTS also carried the report on Friday, saying that a bank account seized by Swiss authorities had belonged to Hilli’s father.

Was he in Mossad?

Such are the facts.

Photo: A mark on the road at the murder scene near Chevaline in the Haute-Savoie region of south-eastern France where British national Saad al- Hilli, his wife Iqbal and his mother-in-law were found murdered in their BMW car on Wednesday.


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