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Jimmy Savile: Margaret Thatcher, miners and a themed Range Rover

by | 18th, October 2012

JIMMY Savile Watch: In this video Jimmy Savile continues to hide in plain sight, as he tells BBC’s Have I Got New For You that he would do anyone in the back of his van would let him. This is Jimmy Savile, pal to Tony Blair, Prince Charles and Margaret Thatcher, who, it is thought, misunderstood Sir James when he said his mission was to f**k “minors“. (See Scargill, Arthur.)

One commentator tells us:

I don’t believe these allegations against Jimmy Savile. I met him in Leeds General Hospital in the 1980s and he seemed very nice. Next people will be telling me he wasn’t qualified to perform my prostate examination.

Jimmy Savile did not act alone.  Others knew.  Many are dashing to tell the world that they’d head  the rumours about weirdo Savile. But they never did get around to telling anyone. It’s not like these BBC staff and media stars had the means to get the message out. If only these media expert could have found a way – some way – of brining the story to light and exposing Jimmy Savile. Careers matter at the BBC. You want to go up. You don’t want to burn your ladder with a shrill whistle blown on a dimly lit match.

We are also told repeatedly that back in the 60s and 70s, things were different. They were. Back then the police would have been more forthright in their prejudice. They would have obtained a confession from a paedophile in their custody with their heavy boots. Only, the police never did go after Jimmy.

In other Jimmy Savile car news. The Sun told us back in Jan 2012 – after Savile had died and the Newsnight expose been spiked:

SIR Jimmy Savile’s Range Rover is up for sale — complete with its own BED. The flamboyant entertainer took the vehicle on charity tours so he could catch some shut-eye in between fundraising. Sir Jimmy once bragged that he bedded women everywhere “except on the ironing board and chandelier”. This bizarre vehicle will leave fans wondering if he really was not kidding. As well as the bed, Jimmy’s motor was fitted with a wash basin between the front seats and curtains, so the cigar-chomping star could freshen up after a snooze.

Jimmy drove the 1978 Range Rover Carrawagon for years to charity bashes at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

Who bought the car? He did. He won’t tell us his name:

A man trying to sell the upmarket camper van used by Jimmy Savile in his Radio 1 heyday says he has been the target of angry phone calls and “sick” requests to borrow it. The car dealer, who spoke exclusively to Sky News on condition of anonymity, says he has been forced to hide the converted 1978 Range Rover after one caller threatened to set it on fire. “I’ve just had so much abuse,” he explained “I had one bloke rang from a blocked number and just swore at me.”

The dealer trying to sell the car had recently listed it online for £12,995, making no mention of Jimmy Savile, but even that advert has now been deleted. “If you want to pay me £10,000 and drive it away, you can have it,” he offered. “I just don’t want to get involved with it anymore.”

So much for the press:

Former Newsnight political editor Michael Crick (now at Channel 4) said on Twitter yesterday: “Somebody in George Entwistle’s office should be preparing a very strong BBC apology statement over Savile right now and get it out at once.”

He added: “Not just BBC who ran scared of Savile story. Journalist Miles Goslett tried 6 national papers. All said no, before Ingrams at Oldie said yes.”

Monthly magazine The Oldie, edited by Richard Ingrams, ran a story in March by Goslett detailing the Savile sex-abuse allegations and the fact that the story had been dropped by Newsnight.

Jimmy Savile spent 11 Christmasses as Margaret Thatcher’s guest at her official Chequers residence. When he was alive no-one grassed on him. He got away with it. Even when he was no longer on the telly, he got away with it…

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