Anorak News | Soula Alevridou is here to save Greece with sexy football

Soula Alevridou is here to save Greece with sexy football

by | 20th, October 2012

TO Greece, where football club Voukefalas Larissa has been sponsored by two brothels, Villa Erotica and Soula’s House of History. Prostitution is legal in Greece. Club president Yiannis Batziolas explains the thinking behind the 1,000 euros rescue package:
“Unfortunately, amateur football has been abandoned by practically everyone. This year, because of the more general financial crisis, that has affected us greatly. We were forced to seek any type of financial support for the club so that we could survive.”
[Insert joke about falling on hard time here.]
But the League is unhappy. It’s banned Voukefalas from wearing the pink kit bearing the brothel logos. They say young minds might be corrupted and the ads violate “the sporting ideal”.
Soula Alevridou, owner of Soula’s House of History, responds:
 “They advertise sports betting firms and various lottery and sports betting games. What are these? Aren’t they gambling?…If we don’t help our scientists and athletes, where will we be? Greece has educated people, cultured people and good athletes. It’s better to help them than take our money to Switzerland. I am a Greek woman, and I love my country.”
Alveridou is descibed as:
[A] slightly built woman with a husky voice…holding a cigarette and wearing a straw fedora with a leopard print band…dressed all in white and flanked by two young women in dark leggings at a recent game.
Think Elton John meets Malcolm Alison. She can only be good for football.
PS: Wayne Rooney’s Manchester United contract expires in 2012. Hang on in there, lads
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