Anorak News | Leeds United fan Aaron Cawley got away with it because he upset the elite boat races

Leeds United fan Aaron Cawley got away with it because he upset the elite boat races

by | 22nd, October 2012

AARON Cawley got away it it. The Leeds United fan has been sentenced to 16-weeks prison for assaulting Kris Kirkland, the Sheffield Wednesday goalkeeper. That Cawley committed a crime before 28,581 witnesses (plus playing staff and officials) and the TV cameras marks him out a special kind of pillock. Prison might be where he’s safest.

And he was a known face. Sheffield Magistrates’ Court heard that he had been the subject of two football banning orders in the past. He’d been guilty of breaching them four times.

Perhaps most damningly of all, we learn that Aaron Cawley lives with his mum in that hotbed of football fervour, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Cawley says on the day of the crime, he’d drunk a few cans of Stella Artois beer, three-quarters of a litre of vodka and 10 pints of cider. Really? REALLY? You drank that much an then were able to aim two hands directly at Kirkland’s face, having run up and down the terraces?

While, we wonder at the mentally negligible Cawley, we recall the name Trenton Oldfield. He’s another berk. He was sentenced to six-month jail fordiving into the River Thames during the Oxford-Cambridge rowing race. His antics delayed the annual race in London by 25 minutes.

Judge Anne Molyneux told Oldfiel at Isleworth Crown Court:

“Your offence was planned. It was deliberate. It was disproportionate. It was dangerous. You have shown no regret.”

Disproportionate? Swimming?

“You made the decision to sabotage the race based on the membership of its participants of a group to which you took exception. That is prejudice. No good ever comes from prejudice. Every individual and group of society is entitled to respect.”

A known football hooligan physically attacks a man gong about his job and gets 16 weeks choky. A dickhead swims in front of a rowing boat in race that only one of two team can win – for those of you watching in black and white, both of them wear blue – and gets 6 months behind bars.

Trenton Oldfield wrote before his plunge:

“My swim into the pathway of the two boats is a result of key guerrilla tactics; local knowledge, ambush, surprise, mobility and speed, detailed information and decisiveness.”

Yep. He’s a dickhead who indulged in a prank in which the only person at risk of getting hurt was him. For that he got half a year in prison.

His sentenced might have been less had he added “and Spurs are shit.”

Oldfield’s mistake seems to have been that he attacked an elitist, minority spot. Cawley got away with it because the elites who run things think all football fans are a Cawley waiting to happen. To them he is the epitome of the slavering white working class football fan who needs to controlled lest they got on race riots. He only did what was expected of him….

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