Anorak News | Chris Brown: drugs and making girls cry

Chris Brown: drugs and making girls cry

by | 23rd, October 2012

TEAM BREEZY will be thrilled that Chris Brown is in the gossip columns again, and no, this has nothing to do with Rihanna or him dumping Karrueche Tran.

Although it does involve a woman.

Paps snapped a young woman leaving Breezy’s home and, well, she looked rather dishevelled and was visibly upset. Start thinking rumours now. Brown, meanwhile, was snapped on the balcony looking down at her before smoking a blunt, which is clearly doing wonders when it comes to calming him down.

Media Take Out says: “Chris Brown better hope and pray that this story doesn’t get any worse. Yesterday paparazzi caught a young woman leaving Chris’ house . . . the girl looked DISHEVELLED and was CRYING. And shortly after the girl left, Chris was spotted on his balcony, looking FRANTIC. A few minutes after she left, Chris appeared to calm down. He LIT UP A BLUNT, and got on the phone with someone. This story can go ONE of two ways . . . depending on WHAT the girl says. Chris better hope THIS ISH DON’T GO LEFT on him!!”

Now, 90% of that quote made no sense, but it isn’t good for Brown to be seen taking drugs around a girl who is crying over everyone is it?

What do you think happened?

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