Anorak News | Ian Wright gets confused explaining racism anti-racism T-shirts

Ian Wright gets confused explaining racism anti-racism T-shirts

by | 23rd, October 2012

IAN Wright has things to say about the decision of Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand to show he has a mind of his own and not wear an anti-racism T-shirt:

Says Wrighty on the 12th paragraph of his rambling rant:

“I hate the attitude of some people who have questioned the players for not wearing the tops. Players have been wearing T-shirts for years and it has not made any difference. That is why I never get involved in their campaigns as it is tokenism. T-shirts? Is this the best we can do?”

Or as he said on October 19th before Ferdinand showed that footballers can think for themselves:

“I think not wearing the Kick It Out t-shirt doesn’t help the Kick It Out people, because they’ve done unbelievable things. I don’t think that there’s much more they can do, their hands are tied in respects of what they can actually implement”

Ian Wright. You could not make him up. But, then, why would you..?

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