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Madeleine McCann: McCanns no longer hire private detectives

by | 28th, October 2012

THE Express, as ever, has no news of Madeleine McCann. But it does have news of the hunt for her:


James Murray and Tracey Kandohia have no news:

KATE and Gerry McCann are no longer employing private detectives to search for their missing daughter Madeleine

The private detectives have failed.

A “source” who, apparently, cannot be named for some unstated reason, says:

“There was no fall-out. They did the work as required and got on well with Kate and Gerry. Their contract simply came to its natural end.“It was felt the lead should be taken by the Scotland Yard detectives working on the review. Dave and Arthur passed over all their material to the Yard officers.”

That’s Dave Edgar (pictured) and Arthur Cowley.

So. Can Operation Grange succeed? Will the story of the century have an ending?

Hope so.

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