Anorak News | The anti-wrinkle Honda Fit is for women only

The anti-wrinkle Honda Fit is for women only

by | 31st, October 2012

THE Honda Fit is the car for women. (Look out for the Ford Transit Well Fit.) What makes teh Honda Fit teh car for women, then?

The effect of high concentration Plasmacluster

The “Plasmacluster” is an air-conditioning system for women.

It’s also show more pink than Olivier Newton-John’s colonoscopy.

Features include unique glass to prevent sunburn most worrisome for women, called me to the front door glass is cut about 99% of ultraviolet light. Addition to UV protection, the front window glass, this glass has been adopted that will prevent heat and scorching. It is encouraging is the day of the heat wave.

Real women don’t use convertibles…

UPDATE: Buy one and get a Honda Phat, the only car for men. Thanks to Plasmamuster, the car’s panels direct hair-growing iodes to your head. Says one driver: “After 65,000 miles, my once bald bonce is now hairier than Kim Kardashian’s wax strips.”

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