Anorak News | Simon Cowell is willing to be beheaded, so he can live forever

Simon Cowell is willing to be beheaded, so he can live forever

by | 1st, November 2012

HANDS up if you’d like to chop Simon Cowell’s head off. Quite a lot of you it seems. Well, he’s willing to let someone do it. No, honestly. See, the music mogul is convinced that it will help him live forever.

Don’t get too excited though.

Cowell is interested in being cryogenically frozen once he’s died. And when you get frozen, they cut your head off, just like they do in Futurama.

He said: “I think it’s a good bet – because my belief is in years to come they will unfreeze you and you will be alive again. I think it will happen.”

“There is only one problem that I didn’t realise – when you’re frozen they cut your head off. So if I’m alive, I might just be a floating head in the future. I’m still going to do it. I’ve been in discussions with the company, yes.

“When you pop it – I don’t know the exact details but obviously there is money involved. But I think it’s a risk worth taking.”

So Cowell is gullible and you can rinse him for money then? Why yes! Recently, he also had a woman waft crystals around his house.

“This girl came over for London and she spent two days walking around my house with sticks and crystals and things like that, and chanting – I loved it! She was kind of a bit out there but I expected that. And I said to her, ‘Oh what is the most negative room in the entire house?’ and she went, ‘Your bedroom’ – so she had to spend longer in there.”

Ladies and gentlemen, start writing him letters with kooky ideas because, obviously, he’s gone mental.

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