Anorak News | Agent Frederick W. Humphries poses with Petraeus sex book dummies

Agent Frederick W. Humphries poses with Petraeus sex book dummies

by | 16th, November 2012

MEET FBI Special Agent Frederick W. Humphries. This is the photo 47-year-old Humphries sent to Jill Kelley, a woman at the centre of the investigation into David Petraeus investigation. The photo shows Humphries after a “hard workout” with the SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) team at an Air Force base in Tampa, Kelley’s home town. He’s the one in the middle of the two GI sex dolls. He captioned the image “Which One’s Fred?”

His wife has a framed copy of it.

Humphries is a counter-terrorism expert. He can speak French.

The world is looking at the picture because Kelley told Humphries about a series of threatening e-mails she had received accusing her of inappropriate behaviour towards Petraeus, the now former CIA director. The FBI investigation discovered that the married Petraeus had been bumping genitals with the married Paula Broadwell, his biographer. She had sent the anonymous e-mails to Kelley.

That led to the discovery that Kelley had been swapping emails with a General John Allen.

And that’s it.

We can reveals that the Broadwell book, called All In, aka All In Up My Snatch (see news), has little by way of sex tips. There aren’t even any line drawing to teach readers how to have sex. As such, the world remains in the dark about this “sex”. However, if you have had sex or know someone who has had sex, they have most likely met General Petreaus, the world’s foremost expert on sex, or sexpert. Call the authorities immediately. If they are swarthy and speak Arabic, start up the Benny Hill theme tune and tell them to run…

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