Anorak News | Hamas burns down Gaza’s Crazy Water Aqua Fun Park

Hamas burns down Gaza’s Crazy Water Aqua Fun Park

by | 19th, November 2012

HAMAS has burned down Gaza’s Crazy Water Aqua Fun park, where men and women mingled. Well , so say Order Order. It quotes Middle East News Watch reports:

“40 gunmen tied up and blindfolded a nightwatchman before setting fire to an administrative building and restaurant. The fire engulfed different parts of the club, including an administrative building, and then spread to the main restaurant and cafeteria, which is three storeys high.”

Can this be the same group that destroyed the park by fire in 2010?

 The water park, for example, hosted parties featuring quizzes taken by husbands and wives. When members of Hamas got wind of the game, they began circulating rumors that the diversion actually involved wives’ touching several men in order to identify which one was her husband — a major no-no in the prudish Gaza Strip. These supposed touching games, combined with the park’s willingness to allow women to smoke water pipes, were seen as sufficient justification for shutting it down — by burning it down. 

Why does Guido Fawkes mention an old news item as if it new news? Are we to replay every Middle East atrocity, war and death as if it were live? If you see Order Order or the Guardian live blogging the Six Day War, let us know…



ImagePalestinians check the damage at a water amusement park after it was set on fire in Gaza City, Sunday, Sept. 19, 2010. A Gaza amusement park accused of allowing men and women to sit together has been burnt down. The park, which serves the territory’s small elite, was shuttered by Hamas in August after men and women were seen mixing together. Date: 19/09/2010

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