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Why is the BBC biased against rich Jew friendly Israel?

by | 20th, November 2012

ON Israel and Gaza, the BBC is biased. Fair enough. But why does the State broadcaster pretend to be impartial? Israel is a foreign country. Why doesn’t the BBC just come out and say what side it is on? Cranmer opines:

“Israel pounds Gaza..”? (You may have heard that before..) Funny, isn’t it, how the BBC has never mentioned Gaza pounding Israel, which it does incessantly. Indeed, the sirens frequently wail in Ashkelon, Pit’hat Shalom and Shaar HaNegev, as Gaza pounds Israeli civilians of whatever gender, age or creed. But only when Israel justifiably retaliates does the BBC bother to report the ‘pounding’. It is as though these evil Jews were responding to a Palestinian peashooter with a nuclear bomb.

Words matter:

Tit-for-tat is never going to resolve this conflict. There is error on both sides: civilians are dying on both sides. But it must be observed that Hamas are awfully fond of using their women and children as human shields. Hamas don’t care if they kill or injure men, women or children; military or civilian; Jew or Muslim. The jihadi-Islamists of Gaza don’t really mind where their little firework display lands or who gets injured or killed. That’s why they’re now pounding Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. All they care about is terrorising the Jewish State and ending the Zionist conspiracy.

Yes, Gazan jihadi ideology is understandable; excusable, even, because Israel is the illegitimate state and occupying power, and the Jews are the main obstacle to world peace. It’s causal, you see. And the only resolution is the eradication of Israel, so the moment it lifts a finger to defend itself, it is criticised like no other nation on earth. Israel is the eternal aggressor; never the victim. Jews are perpetual occupiers and murderers; never the one suing for peace. The BBC/Guardian response inculcates the nation with the belief that Hamas are just poor, innocent Palestinians trying to do their best against the rich, powerful Jews who really rule the world.

Everyone takes a view. But the BBS bias seems clear. Tel Aviv is not Israel’s capital. The BBC has done this before. It’s no accident…



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