Anorak News | Local news: Stares at a small bush in Woodfood Bridge

Local news: Stares at a small bush in Woodfood Bridge

by | 21st, November 2012

LOCAL News: The East London and West Essex Guardian spots the story of the bush. The headline declares:

Small bush blocks driveway plan

The story is about a family called…The Stares.

The Stares, of Canfield Road, Woodford Bridge, say the three cars they own have been dented and scratched by vehicles struggling to navigate the narrow street, which has cars parked on both sides. Last week 21-year-old Tommy’s Polo was marked by the tyres of a large vehicle and will cost an estimated £300 to repair.

His parents Maxine and Tim have repeatedly applied for permission to build a driveway outside their home to solve the problem. But they claim Redbridge Council will not allow the removal of a one-metre high hedge to enable vehicle access from the street because it would contravene guidelines on maintaining greenery in residential streets.

The accompanying photo is gold dust (see above)…

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