Anorak News | Hamas murders six collaborators in name of Human Rights (photos)

Hamas murders six collaborators in name of Human Rights (photos)

by | 21st, November 2012
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WHAT news from Gaza?

IDF planes on Monday targeted and eliminated another four senior Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists … In a statement, Hamas said that it could not confirm that the four had been killed by the IDF, and said that they were “out of communication range.”

What does that mean, out of communication range? Is it a euphemism? What about the people within communication range who are not all that supportive of Hamas?

Masked gunmen publicly shot dead six suspected collaborators with Israel in a large Gaza City intersection Tuesday, witnesses said. An Associated Press reporter saw a large mob surrounding five of the bloodied corpses shortly after the killing.

Some in the crowd stomped and spat on the bodies. A sixth corpse was tied to a motorcycle and dragged through the streets as people screamed, “Spy! Spy!”

What to do with informers?

The corpse of a collaborator [alleged] was tied to the back of a motorcycle and dragged through central Gaza City in front of a convoy of bikes, his pants pulled down and his arms splayed behind him.

What says the peaceniks? Issam Younis, is director of the Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights:

“Some of the names that have been mentioned to me tonight [as collaborators who were killed] had already been charged and sentenced to death. They were not just taken from the street today and shot. Collaborators are a very serious issue in Palestinian society. According to many hundreds of cases there have been extremely serious crimes committed by collaborators, especially in situations like this.”

Sentenced by whom?

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights says:

“Collaborators cooperate in, and even carry out, crimes of the Israeli military – crimes which often constitute war crimes as defined under international humanitarian law.”

So much for your Human Rights…

Photos are graphic. Look out for the kids and the police following the action:

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