Anorak News | Mass death never sounded so cute: Dumb Ways to Die

Mass death never sounded so cute: Dumb Ways to Die

by | 21st, November 2012

DEATH. It isn’t a nice thing, but it sure as hell is inevitable. So, with that, which should treat death with the contempt it deserves and laugh in its face, be merry around it and… well… try and avoid it in the cheeriest way possible.

And with that, we go to Australia where, instead of frightening the bejeezus out of you, an animated safety video prefers to indulge you in a little fun without giving you a boring, stern lecture.

The clip is titled ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ and stars a whole bunch of cute jellybeanesque characters singing about a variety of horrific deaths. Of course, it is in the process of going viral.

The vid was made by Melbourne Metro Trains and features an insanely catchy song by a duo called Tangerine Kitty and yes, it will absolutely get stuck in your head all week.

That said, it is such a nice little tune, we’re not sure you’ll be too irritated by it. Unless you drive everyone else mad by singing it constantly, provoking everyone into murdering you. That’d be a dumb way to die too.

Have a look.

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