Anorak News | Daily Mail writers cause more children to have accidents

Daily Mail writers cause more children to have accidents

by | 24th, November 2012

SCARE story of the day appear in the Daily Mail, natch., wherein we are told:

“Playground children having more accidents because parents are too busy playing on their smartphones”

Yep. It’s a story about other parents being bad parents. We love ’em.

Sophie Borland writes:

Children are having more accidents because their parents are too busy checking their mobile phones to supervise them properly, researchers warn.


Parenting experts and doctors specialising in emergency departments believe the rise is partly fuelled by the growing use of smartphones and BlackBerries.

Believe. Partly. The orignal story is being smudged by a lack of facts and evidence.

They also point out children are more inclined to take risks or misbehave when they know their parents’ attention is diverted…The NHS does not have figures for the total number of injuries involving children. But figures from the US show they rose by 12 per cent in the last five years having been falling for the last decade.

So. Blame phones. Or maybe, blame the…Daily Mail, which has produced such stories as (read them on your smartphones):

Forget cotton wool! Tell your kids to climb the tallest tree they can find – Daily Mail, September 5, 2012

Cotton wool culture is damaging our children says Health and Safety Executive (but didn’t their rules and regulations create problem in the first place?) – Daily Mail, September 3, 2012

Cotton wool children: Just one in five plays outside every day and one in ten has never ridden a bike – Daily Mail, January 19, 2012

And the pick of the bnuyc, by Sonia Poulton on January 20, 2012:

‘Cotton wool kids’ are not the result of over-protective parents, but lazy ones

So. The Daily Mail is harming your kids. And some of their writers are parents. For shame!

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