Anorak News | Belgium unveils its anti-Christian austerity Christmas Tree

Belgium unveils its anti-Christian austerity Christmas Tree

by | 2nd, December 2012

TO Belgium where the Austerity Tree is on show. The abstract light installation replaces the traditional Christmas tree at the Grand Place in Brussels. Traditionally, a 20m (65ft) pine tree from the forests of the Ardennes decorates the city’s central square, the Grand Place. This year, it has been replaced with a 25m (82ft) construction. The other tree has been used to print Greek currency…

The tree is not universally popular. Bianca Debaets, a city councilor from the Christian Democrat and Flemish Party, says:

“What next? Will Easter eggs be banned from the city because they make us think of Easter?”

Erik Maxwell, from Brussels, told BBC News:

“We think the tree has been put up for cultural reasons. A tree is for Christmas and Christians but now there are a lot of Muslims here in Brussels. So to avoid discussions they have just replaced a tree with a couple of cubes! I am more traditional, I prefer the usual tree. That’s better for the Belgian people.”

Christmas trees invented in Germany are better for Belgians? What’s it to be, then, Muslims or Germans for Christmas? People of Belgium… Vote now!

French organ La Vie notes:

“In a country hit by economic crisis, in the grip of regional tensions, and now starting an annual battle over how to mark Christmas, this affair has once more sparked a debate over the identity of Belgium.”

Without the giant plug-in tree would you notice Belgium?

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