Anorak News | Qatar produces hots air on climate change as China burns ahead

Qatar produces hots air on climate change as China burns ahead

by | 4th, December 2012

HAVING flown into the  Climate Talks in Qatar, a deal looks unlikely. The latest data on carbon dioxide emissions leads to the BBC story “Carbon emissions are ‘too high’ to curb climate change“. The Times sums up:

Of the planet’s top 10 polluters, the United States and Germany were the only countries that reduced their carbon dioxide emissions.

Last year, all the world’s nations combined pumped nearly 38.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the air from the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and oil, according to new international calculations on global emissions published today in the journal Nature Climate Change.

That’s about a billion tonnes more than the previous year.

The total amounts to more than 2.4 million pounds (1.1 million kilograms) of carbon dioxide released into the air every second.

What can we do. Pray? John Redwood MP looks at the BBC’s coverage of climate change and the EU:

They just cannot leave it alone. Yesterday morning on Radio 4 the early religious slot was taken by Alison Twaddle. She did an uncritical advert for global warming theory, with of course no balance or questions allowed. She told us that the latest US great storm was the kind of event you could expect to be more frequent in an age of high CO2 output, and asked us to thank God for the climate change scientists who have revealed this truth. The link to religion was tenuous and attenuated.

We call to mind the Guardian headline: “Qatar wins bid to host 2012 climate talks”

“Qatar is a huge energy exporter and, as an oil-rich state, has one of the world’s highest per capita emissions.”

 Not to worry. Every power broker flying into the air-conditioned desert kingdom First Class has been allowed to place a free tree in the overhead compartment or bush if laying on a private jet.
Is the world as one? Watts Up With That notes:

This latest analysis by the Global Carbon Project is published today in the journal Nature Climate Change with full data released simultaneously by the journal Earth System Science Data Discussions.

It shows the biggest contributors to global emissions in 2011 were China (28 per cent), the United States (16 per cent), the European Union (11 per cent), and India (7 per cent).

Emissions in China and India grew by 9.9 and 7.5 per cent in 2011, while those of the United States and the European Union decreased by 1.8 and 2.8 per cent.

Emissions per person in China of 6.6 tonnes of CO2 were nearly as high as those of the European Union (7.3), but still below the 17.2 tonnes of carbon used in the United States. Emissions in India were lower at 1.8 tonnes of carbon per person.

Christopher Monkton writes:
For the past 16 of the 18-year series of annual hot-air sessions about hot air, the world’s hot air has not gotten hotter. There has been no global warming. At all. Zilch. Nada. Zip. Bupkis…tomorrow’s predicted warming that has not happened today cannot have caused yesterday’s superstorms, now, can it?. That means They can’t even get away with claiming that tropical storm Sandy and other recent extreme-weather happenings were All Our Fault. After more than a decade and a half without any global warming at all, one does not need to be a climate scientist to know that global warming cannot have been to blame.
So. China presses on., The West deliberates. And who wins..?

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