Anorak News | Badgers: They ARE trying to kill the human race

Badgers: They ARE trying to kill the human race

by | 6th, December 2012

BADGERS have clearly never forgiven humans for making them a dancing meme all those years ago, when people used to laugh at any old crap online. With ‘badger badger badger badger badger‘ racing around their minds, they’ve gone all Michael Douglas in Falling Down and want us to die.

Of course, badgers haven’t learned how to operate guns or anything, but that doesn’t make them less dastardly, as they’re going after motorists.

And so, the badger revolt begins in Leicestershire where a country lane has collapsed after badgers fucked it up.

These terrifying animals tunnelled under the surface of the mile-and-a-half lane between Somerby and the hamlet of Newbold, causing two massive craters. Anyone driving on that at the time would’ve surely died. Anyone walking on it would’ve fallen into a pit of flesh-eating badgers.

Apparently, badgers are rife in Leicestershire and one person recently reported that she found a badger asleep in their office in winter!

It is only a matter of time before this menace goes nationwide. AND YOU SAPS WANTED THE CULL TO BE STOPPED?

Photo: Fulham mascot Billy the Badger (left) with Pantomime Dame Sarah the Cook (aka Shaun Prendergast) at half-time

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