Anorak News | Sexy cockerel calendar produced for hens

Sexy cockerel calendar produced for hens

by | 10th, December 2012

YOU’VE obviously been very worried about the arousal of hens in 2012 because someone has gone to the trouble of producing a calendar for lady chickens, filled with sexually alluring cockerels.

Millions of years of evolution, and this is what humans have become.

Anyway, the calendar has been¬†produced by the Happy Egg Co, and they’ll be giving hunky cocks away to farms and smallholders, so that hens can ‘live life to the full’.

And the man responsible for capturing cockerels at their sexiest is a fashion photographer called Nathan Pask. He apparently took photos of the cocks in a variety of seductive and alluring poses, with some shots include male chickens in bubble baths and beds of rose petals. The Metro reports that over 100 birds auditioned for the fashion shoot.

If Foghorn Leghorn has taught us anything, I say, if Foghorn Leghorn has taught us anything, it is that cockerels are at their most arousing when they’re whacking a plank of wood up a dog’s arse.

Hen-haver, Jean-Paul Michalski, hopes that this frankly distressing calendar would make up for the fact that live cocks are banned from hen coups (because supermarkets like their eggs unfertilised).

He said: “Hens are actually very visual creatures so that’s when we decided to create the first ever cockerel calendar just for hens and see whether it made them happier.”

Apparently, these delicious creatures feel ‘safer’ when there’s a bloke chicken knocking about.

And if you’re the kind of disturbing human who likes the idea of having pin-up chickens on your wall, the Happy Egg Co. are giving away more than 1,000 of these awful calendars on Facebook and Twitter.

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