Anorak News | Witch doctor sent children to collect toddler poo for medicine

Witch doctor sent children to collect toddler poo for medicine

by | 12th, December 2012

TO Uganda, where local witchdoctor Moses Oguiti has been arrested for buying children’s poo. The going rate for turds is sh15,000 – sh20,000 (£3.50 – £4.60, $5.50 – $7.40). Moses then burns the kiddie gifts in neighbours’ charcoal stoves.

Moses was also, allegedly, operating like a scatalogical Shylock, sending out a gangs of children to collect poo. One imagines them going about town armed with plastic bags, yesterday’s kebabs and prunes.

Nsambya police chief, Jeff Ssebuyungo, says Oguiti has been harvesting faeces for “suspected malicious intentions”.

Attention turned to Sofia Nankya, who heads the regions body of traditional healers. Nankya says Oguiti possesses no letter from their association permitting him to practice such medicine. So. She has shut down his business until he goes through the “right procedures to continue practicing his trade“, such as they are.

Ssebuyungo says Oguiti will be charged with child abuse and impersonation.

Had he only have taken the course. You can’t beat an education, readers, it let’s you do all sort of things in an official capacity.

If you think that’s far-fetched, get a load of what passes for doctoring in the UK.



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